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Perhaps you already use Google Ads, but how sure are you that you are using it in the most
profitable way? If you don't, let's get started right away, we will help you out.

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There is no secret to get started with Google Ads, but there are ways for doing it efficiently. If you want more results with
less spending. Start by working with a professionals who know what they are doing.

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Campaign Audit

First things first, we will start by analysing the status quo of your current campaigns, if you already have any.

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Search Campaigns

Search Network campaigns focus on searches that people do on google based on the keywords used (e.g. Nike Shoes for Men or Nike Shoes).

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Display Campaign

Display campaigns focused on the visual ads "banners", which are displayed on Google partners such as: YouTube, Gmail and other millions of webistes.

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Youtube Ads

YouTube is a great platform for ads because people around the world spend more time on Youtube than on Tv, in fact some people don't even watch television anymore. Do you?

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Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing campaigns are perhaps the most important part of online advertising, of course in combination with other campaigns. Because the vast majority of your customers will not buy your products on the first visit to your website.

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Report, Analyse and Results

We offer reports with analysis and results biweekly where we will address the results, expenses and profit achieved with the campaigns.

Why Should My Company Consider Using Google Ads?

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s platform where anyone can create ads that can be seen on Google search results, Google partners, Youtube, Google Shopping, Gmail... It also makes it possible to continuously target previous websites visitors throught remarketing campaigns.

Why Should you work with a Google Ads consultant?

Even though anyone can create campaigns with Google Ads, working with a consultant is the most efficient way to maximize profit and reduce costs. There is no magic formula for advertising with Google Ads, but a consultant knows the most appropriate approach and settings to get the best results.

Still don't understand what Google Ads is for?

If you have an online store and want to advertise your products you can use Google and list your products or you could show off your product with video ads on Youtube. By running campaigns with Google Ads you can also guarentee more exposure and clicks to your website. You can also advertise for specific or broad keywords. As you can see there are countless possibilities of what can be done with Google Ads.

How much does it cost to advertise with Google Ads?

This is the best part of running campaigns with Google Ads, you decide and have full autonomy to increase and decrease your campaigns budget. But of course you have to be realistic and each market requires a certain type of investment because of competitiveness.

Should I invest in Google Ads or SEO?

Both strategies have their advantages and disadvantages. On one hand you can be certain of traffic with Google ads as you are paying for visitor to your website, app or store, but you have to pay for that traffic. One the other hand with SEO you reach your visitors organically or for free, but it is a process that takes time. That's why anyone that works and understand both practices will advice a holistic strategy in which both practices are implemented and complement each other.

Our Client's Testimonies

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Rota Amsterdam Turismo

We had a great experience working with Marketing 4 Peers as they redesigned our website and optimized it for SEO. We are very satisfied with their work. They have a lot of knowledge in SEO and digital marketing in general which is very impressive. We would like to thank Ricardo especially!

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Pousada Jardim da Lagoa

Our experience working with Marketing 4 Peers was very good. They are very attentive and very committed. Working with them was a great decision that we did not regret. We undoubtedly recommend their services. Thank you very much Ricardo!

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