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SEO Audit

Before any optimization is done, it is necessary to firstly analyze your and your competitors website in order to find points of improvement and to decide upon the strategy to be used.

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Website Structure

With the audit and strategy set, we will assess based on the strategy, which is the appropriate structure for your website. Taking into account the pre-established KPIs.

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Content Strategy

In order to achieve higher ranking for your main pages we will optimize existing content, as well as create new content based on the keywords that we decide to optimize for.

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On-page Optmization

After assessing the relevance of pre-existing content, we will optimize its on-page SEO elements where needed and recycle or delete other contents that do not fit with the goals established.

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Biweekly | Monthly Reports

In order for our clients to stay on top of the work being done and the results, we offer biweekly and monthly reports. But as each website is unique immediate results can't be guaranteed.

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SEO optimization is a process and takes time, so it is important to remember that results are never guaranteed but improvements in ranking can be seen within 6 months to 1 year of continuous work.

We Will Help you Advance your Business Online​

With our Service Your Website Will Achieve Higher Ranking

We will optimize your website for better ranking on Google search results. Our team will optimize your website texts, website speed and images. We only use techniques approved by Google ensuring that your website is not punished for irregularities.

We Research, Select and Optimize Your Keywords for Best Results

We carefully research and select the most appriate keywords/ search queries for your business. Therefore, spending time and effort to rank your website in way that your potential customers will find you when they need.

Remember that SEO is a Process - Not a Task Done Once and Done!

With the right strategy and time we will improve your website ranking on Google. But just as we optimize your website, so do your competitors. Therefore, to ensure continuous positioning on Google, continuous optimization is required.

If You Still Wonder Why Ranking on the 1st Page is So Important, Here You GO!

Being at the top of Google's results is a position sought by all sites but only the websites with the BEST CONTENT and best OPTIMIZATION are among the top 10, which guarantees over 75% of clicks for that page.

Our Client's Testimonies

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Rota Amsterdam Turismo

We had a great experience working with Marketing 4 Peers as they redesigned our website and optimized it for SEO. We are very satisfied with their work. They have a lot of knowledge in SEO and digital marketing in general which is very impressive. We would like to thank Ricardo especially!

logo pousada jardim da lagoa
Pousada Jardim da Lagoa

Our experience working with Marketing 4 Peers was very good. They are very attentive and very committed. Working with them was a great decision that we did not regret. We undoubtedly recommend their services. Thank you very much Ricardo!

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